No more, "The dog ate my homework." excuses,

but straight A's all the way!


Helping With is a website to guide you, the parent, on how to support your children with all their writing projects; the objective of this site is to improve your children's writing. I begin with basic sentence structure and take you step by step through mini movies, lessons, and worksheets ending with your children being able to use nouns, collective nouns, prepositions and verbs correctly in all their writing. Write On!

The site is a sequential program divided into five building blocks. Each block contains a Mini-Movie, a lesson and seven free printable worksheets to reinforce each lesson.

I have designed the program so that your children build their writing skills taking baby steps (no tricks of the trade or hoops to jump through), but simple. I recommend that they do one worksheet per day to build a strong foundation and gradually develop their skills. Taking bite sizes pieces everyday is easier for them to digest than a huge turkey dinner all in one sitting.

Childrens' attention spans are short and sweet.

Work within their limitations.

Slow and steady wins the race.

A good routine to establish with your children that suggests is as the following;

1) Find a quiet table or a desk for your children to work at (no TV or games). Provide your children with materials like pens, pencils, erasers, dictionary, thesaurus, paper and time to pine.

2) Watch the Mini-Movie and read the lesson.

3) Print off a worksheet and discuss the instructions together.

Tessie's Tips

You may find your children will want to do the worksheet with you. Fine.

Answer any questions that they may have. You are there to support them and this may mean spoon feeding them. If needed, do the worksheet together. You do not want to set your children up for failure,but role model for them and guide them to improving their writing. By role modeling, you are showing them how to do the work and building their confidence.

Or, you may find that they would rather work alone; whichever, allow them time to do each worksheet.

4) Once they have finished the worksheet, tell your children to check over their work. Get them to proof read, always. Re-read every question as if they were doing the worksheet for the first time. This is an excellent habit to get into as they will develop proof reading skills that will transfer over to all their writing pieces. Most mistakes are found by the author.

Your conversation with your children might go something like this;

"Let's check this over."

If there are any mistakes, fix them. Make corrections accordingly as you do want your children to be learning the wrong skills.

"Look at your answer here. How can you change it to better answer the question?" (Guide your children down the garden path).

"I would change this answer to this." By you giving them some other choices, they will learn that there are other answers.

6) Celebrate their successes. "Well down!"

Press the Start Button below to watch the 5 minute Parent Mini Movie that will guide you on how to work through the Helping With Writing program with your children. Home Page

Reading for 15 minutes everyday can improve your children's writing exponentially.

Be a bookworm.

Take Lesson IconStart here with "Sentence Structure" The beginning of the program looks at the basic foundations of sentence structure.

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