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My Mission Statement

Over the past 33 years, I have been striving to master my skills of teaching English. I have taught children of all ages and stages and have been advising parents during teacher interviews to give support and tips on how to further help your children with their learning.

At Helping With Writing dot com I am striving to provide you with strategies and ideas so that you might be able to help your children improve their English grammar. My goal is to support you so that you can nurture your children's confidence and help them to develop their own unique, creative writing styles. My goal is to lead them to meet with success in all their writing projects.


Here is what you will find on Helping With Writing.com

Lessons to guide your children to write their famous last words


These are simple lessons to support you in tutoring your children with the writing exercises.

Recommended Reading is on every free printable worksheet page. Reading tons (30 minutes a day), is scientifically proven to improve all of your children's literacy including developing their vocabulary and enhancing their creative writing skills.

You may never have to read between the lines again searching for an understanding of the passage. Comprehension of text will come naturally.

Students' Writing Examples inspires one to write. These young authors followed the Helping With Writing program and penned perfect pieces.

The samples clearly demonstrate the results of how well your children can apply the skills learned here to their own writing.

Hit the nail on the head with Invigorating Verbs! More lessons teach you how to add adventure to your children's action.

Check out the Answers and Rubrics to help you and your children monitor their progress.

Notebook Notations reinforces your children's writing skills. Have your children write the lists of words learned in each lesson in their notebook. Encourage them to write their own sentences and stories using these words. Writing will build their vocabulary and enrich their stories.

Position your Prepositions Perfectly so that they sit nicely beside their subject. Workable Worksheets weave wonderful works of writing.
Proofreading Power puts the punch back into your writing. Have your children re-read their work often to check for mistakes. Poignant Punctuation makes ends meet...and beginnings begin and middles mix in all your children's writing. Punctuation keeps your writing perfectly presentable.
Sentence Structure lessons will help you to guide your children on how to write a complete sentence. Sentence Openers will help you to show your children how to open a can of worms wriggling with refreshing ideas to use in their everyday writing. They will learn how to change their basic sentence structure to enhance their writing by using verbs, collective nouns, prepositions and nouns as openers.
Literacy Worksheets work wonders to help your children develop proper English grammar skills.

No Nonsense Nounsteaches your children who is the person, where is the place and what is the object. Definitely Definitions provides you with more information.