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Definition of Sentence Openers

Sentence Openers begins to paint a picture in the reader's mind and grabs their attention by drawing them into the composition. Definition of a Sentence Opener is when a writer uses a verb, plural noun, collective noun or a preposition to start their sentence. The writing activities, games, examples, lists, charts of openers and worksheets will compound your child's writing skills and strategies. The writing skills that your child learns at Helping With Writing will transfer over to all of their writing of introductions, essays, references, thesis', resumes, research papers and any other compositions that they tackle.

Enjoy reading through the examples, working through the lessons and worksheets and know that if you are having difficulties to contact us at Helping With Writing.

Start Keeping a Notebook
Throughout the website there are suggestions and teaching instructions on when your child may want to write in their notebook to help improve their literacy and English Grammar.

Definitions, Examples and Seven Lessons are presented here in each of the four sections.

Here are the four sections of Sentence Opener Lessons;

  • Collective Nouns
  • Noun Openers
  • Preposition Openers
  • Verb Openers