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HelpingWithWriting.com started by Teresa Massie (Tessie) in 2011 with a lesson on sentence structure. This lesson now includes two mini-movies, and leads on to the use of sentence openers to encourage your children to write their own captivating and creative sentences. There are also now lessons on the use the nouns, collective nouns, prepositions, and verbs as sentence openers. The lessons include short mini-movies and plenty of printable worksheets for practice.

The program was designed so that your children build their writing skills taking simple baby steps. There are no tricks of the trade or hoops to jump through. Tessie recommends that they do one worksheet per day to build a strong foundation and gradually develop their skills. Taking bite-size pieces everyday is easier for them to digest than a huge turkey dinner all in one sitting.

Press the Start Button below to watch the 5 minute Parent Mini Movie that will guide you on how to work through the Helping With Writing program with your children.

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Reading for 15 minutes everyday can improve your children's writing exponentially.

Be a bookworm.

Take Lesson IconStart here with "Sentence Structure" The beginning of the program looks at the basic foundations of sentence structure.

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